2018/2019 Executive Committee

We are volunteer, non-profit organization. All the individuals you see below are members and volunteers that allow us to keep the organization going and educate the boating community. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about courses, opportunities to talking with your organization or if you wish to volunteer with us. 


Bill Jerry

Executive Officer

Art Meens


Julie Ditmar


Kristen Jerry

Training Officer

Alan McKeown

Asst. Training Officer – PCOC

Penny Holmes

Asst. Training Officer – VHF

Kim Pullman

Asst. Training Officer – Advanced/Engine

Rick Simmons

Membership Officer

Wendy Anes-Hirschegger

PR/Marketing Officer

Kristen Jerry

Youth Officer

Tammy Ayres


Rick Simmons

Officer at Large

Blair Archer

Officer at Large

Carol Zimski

Port Captain

Mary Lou Krestal
Port Rowan

Port Captain

Terry Montani
Port Dover