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2018 Membership Benefits

Do you know that the savings from some of the Member Benefits more than pay for your yearly CPS-ECP membership? Savings from Cowan, C-Tow can pay for your membership in just one purchase. Also check out the excellent savings available from Weems and Plath, icom, Saluis Marine Wear, Fagaui, and Canadian Yachting. They are all Sponsors of CPS-ECP. Some are even making it easier for you to take advantage by offering rebate programs.

There are more Member Benefits savings listed that you can take advantage all year round while traveling or making improvements around home. More exciting benefits will be coming this summer. There is the information where to sign up for CPS-ECP courses and the information on how to become a member.

Why not download the Member Benefits to your tablet or smart phone? Download a copy here.

Now you will have them with you all the time!! You will always have with you, the Benefits of Membership and the information to help your boating friends become members of CPS-ECP.

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